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Hydrangea season in Kamakura

Similar to the Sakura season (Cherry blossom) but in a smaller scale, hydrangea season attracts thousands of people to visit temples and gardens and admire the beauty of this flower. It is a symbol of the rainy season in japan as it starts blooming at the same time as the first rains of the rainy season, the hydrangea gets more colorful as more rain falls.

​Although, it can be found anywhere, there are a few areas that are very popular among the Japanese such as Hakone and Kamakura. I was advices to govt the latter as there are many temples and nice traditional streets all around.

​At first, I thought it was going to be a relaxing and not very busy walk. But I learned that the japanese appreciation for flowers isn’t limited to Sakura, thousands of people eager to do hanami (tradition of watching and admiring flowers), such a big crowd made the moment a bit difficult, but still enjoyable.

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​The following are the pictures I took.