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Hotaru gari – Catching fireflies

The rainy season brings along fireflies that can be seen near rivers or lakes. Fireflies play an important role in the japanese culture, they can be seen in old paintings and even I the popular animation the grave of the fireflies.

Similar to sakura (cherry blossom) fireflies brings families together to go away from the city center to the country side and appreciate the beauty of the fireflies, this tradition is called Hotaru-gari in Japanese.

Nowadays is becoming more and more difficult to see these insects (it is believed that pollution is decreasing the population), that’s why fussa city is my recommended spot to increase the chances of spotting more of these insects. makes it a more special place to see them.

Fussa city’s firefly festival releases more than 500 fireflies to the river for people to enjoy. Similar events can be found all around Japan, but often kept unadvertised and for the locals only.

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